Katharine Gailard
Founder and programme director

I'm a specialised natural fertility coach, reflexologist and emotional coach. Over the last 10 years, I have developed the skills and knowledge that have led me to write the Mama Be programme for natural fertility. We were never taught all we need to know about preconception health and increasing our chances of pregnancy. One in six couples now struggle with fertility.

Having experienced success with many couples, some within as few as six sessions, I have shared their joy and I know there is a place for Mama Be to help.

Every couple, their journey and their needs are different, which is why personal coaching is so effective.


  • Katharine Gailard, IIHT Diploma Reflexology
  • Specialist Maternity Reflexology Certification
  • Coaching philosophies: 12 Core Dynamics, UK
  • Human Potentials Coaching Transformation Programme, Australia
  • EFT Certificate & NPA Non Personal Awareness
  • Bio-energetic Certificate & Reiki Certificate
  • Full professional insurance


personal hour of fertility coaching


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1 in 6 couples struggle with fertility issues - you are not alone so stop beating yourself up and do something really positive now to overcome the challenge and desperation you feel