Mama Be Miscarriage Programme

Especially designed for women who are recovering from the pain of miscarriage and who want to move forward on a healing journey that will ultimately lead to conceiving again and carrying the baby to full term.

You may have miscarried due to many reasons – most of them totally natural and not ‘your fault’ but down to your body’s innate wisdom identifying something is not right. They happen very frequently - many are never even known about. The statistics would surprise you. Please be assured, a very high percentage of women who have miscarried, even several times, go on to carry to full term.

During the programme, you will be gently guided to healing, health and preparation for a new pregnancy. You programme includes:

  • Physical and emotional healing from miscarriage
  • Essential preparation for your healthy new pregnancy
  • The full Mama Be Fertility Programme
  • Advice on how to reduce the risk of miscarriage

Cost: For your own personalised package please contact us.
Approximate length: 2 – 3 months depending on your timescales.

For the FULL programme details, please get in touch.


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Without education and correct changes, fertility issues are predicted to affect 1 in 3 couples