Papa Be Fertility Programme

Shocked and worried by poor sperm results? Feel like you are letting your partner down? Affecting your sex life? Worried you may never be a Dad?

The monthly cycle of hope and despair is so hard for couples. Let me share with you in this structured, no-nonsense programme especially for men, how you can address the issues above.

The Papa Be Fertility Programme – a clear action plan to conception for men. It is a totally confidential, one-to-one, intensive programme is designed to improve sperm results naturally, raise testosterone levels, and prepare and empower you to naturally become a Dad.

Facts & Figures:

  • 30 – 40% of fertility issues can be related to the male
  • 30% of poor sperm quality can be down to your mobile phone
  • Folic acid is not just for women – it’s also proven to support men’s sperm quality too
  • Sperm take about 3 months to develop
  • Your testes need a fixed temperature to develop sperm and even the slightest increase can damage them

The programme educates, prepares and supports men to become dads. Nobody ever advised you how to ensure healthy sperm. Why you should join the programme?

  • You wish to prepare for a HEALTHY conception with healthy sperm
  • You’ve been trying for a while without success
  • You’ve had poor sperm test results
  • You and your partner have sadly miscarried and need support
  • You feel like the issues are affecting you and your relationship

Don’t just rely on Doctors or struggle alone. Get the right information.

For the FULL programme details, please get in touch. Papa Be is only offered in conjunction with Mama Be.


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30 - 40% of all infertility cases are related to male health – 72 days is the time taken to produce new sperm and you can influence the quality of the sperm naturally.