'I was advised by the doctors that I only had 25% of ever having a baby even with IVF. Getting that news was the worst day of my life. I followed advise and embarked on 2 very invasive and stressful rounds of IVF. Both unsuccessful and included losing a pregnancy early on. The whole process put a lot of stress on my relationship and me. I was a mess. I started working with Katharine when I was at my lowest and felt hopeless. Very quickly she turned that around. She showed me ways to cope with the stress and emotions surrounding trying to have a baby which made me feel more positive and hopeful. The biggest battle is the emotional side as stress is such an inhibitor to falling pregnant. She gave me advice in terms of tweaking things in my life. Very small changes that I didn't miss but helped my body prepare for a baby. This along with the reflexology she provides is a successful combination. I now have a healthy happy 1 year old daughter and another baby on the way. Both conceived naturally. I would whole heartedly recommend Katharine and if my story could spare one couple the difficult experience of IVF which has an incredibly high failure rate and replace it with the positive and ultimately much more successful experience of working with Katharine I would be very happy'. Alicia W

Katharine has a ridiculous amount of knowledge about natural fertility! She uses it in partnership with her uncanny ability to connect with you as an individual to help you find the wisdom and take the unique actions you need to. Her only fault is that she is far far too modest about her achievements. Ask her how many couples she has 'got pregnant'... it's astounding. She has even appeared on BBC radio - a broadcast which itself held so much knowledge and expertise. Hiring Katharine is a gift in itself, and of course the gift of life is priceless. Victoria G

I've been seeing Katharine now once a month for about 6 months. She has been such a wonderful support to me on my fertility journey. When I met her I had failed an IUI and was so low. I usually spend about 3 hours with her and we spend the first half of that time working on the goals I wish to achieve, my positivity and the tips & tools I should implement to get to my end point. I love this part & I always come away feeling inspired & totally upbeat. Katharine is a fantastic listener and so easy to open up to. I feel safe. Her reflexology is unbelievably relaxing (and I always nearly fall asleep!). Katharine is a lovely confidant who is also one of the most intuitive people I know. In fact, she told me I was going to get pregnant...& I did! I would highly recommend including Katharine on your fertility journey!
Lucy H

I was so unhappy and worries about my future but working with Katharine just changed everything. I felt ok about having to have IVF (my fallopian tubes were damaged) as she explained the positives. I completed her whole fertility plan and felt calm and ready for treatment. She focused on my PCOS and we worked on this using holistic approaches. The clinic were amazed by my results as I got 8 eggs fertilized. I now have a baby girl called Bonny and she's perfect. I have seven frozen for the future. Laura J

“I had just had a 21 day ovulation blood tests by the Doctor as I was worried about my PCOS. I was absolutely devastated to be told I was not ovulating. This all changed when I met Katharine who explained that ovulation can occur randomly. She also made me realise that the test was not even advisable, as my cycles were so irregular, (28 days one month, 44 the next). I was so relieved! I’m on the programme and making the changes I now realise I need to make to overcome PCOS and fall pregnant. My cycles became regularly in the first month of treatment!!!!

“My husband and I had unexplained fertility problems and had tried to conceive for five years. I began reflexology with Katharine and followed all of her advice. I thank Katharine for all her knowledge, guidance and support. We now have a beautiful new baby girl. I was pregnant by my sixth session!!!!

“I was very sad when I came to Katharine after three miscarriages in a year. I was devastated. She immediately developed a three month programme for me and I had to promise not to fall pregnant for this time. She cleared the huge emotional sadness through reflexology and started to prepare my body for a healthy pregnancy. She recommended significant lifestyle changes and health improvements for me and my husband. I fell pregnant so quickly and we now have a gorgeous, healthy son!!!!

"We've have done the Mama Be programme and I am amazed. I'm 44 and my partner is 43 and we fell pregnant after three months. My pregnancy is now in it's 20th week and the baby is healthy. We didn't use any drugs or other fertility support treatments. We feel so very blessed and want to give faith to others that you are in control and the facts and advice from Mama Be is quite unbelievable - there is so much to know! I overcame, endometriosis, hormone imbalances and missing ovulations. The programme wasn't even stressful, just easy to follow and so all encompassing as you get everything - the facts I was missing, emotional strength, treatments and clear action plans. What a journey!!!!"

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