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Client Testimonial


I would highly recommend anyone to spend some time with Katharine. I did an intense full day after months of struggling to have a baby and enjoyed every minute.  I had started to lose hope and was looking for someone to point me in the right direction.  Just a few hours with Katharine was so powerful, the time flew by and I left with so many new ideas.  Most importantly I left with a reignited hope and excitement for the future.  She was worth every penny and I am now pregnant!


Just had our first session with Katharine Gailard. What can I say, fantastic, fantastic woman. Full of Knowledge, very caring, very open. Completely felt at ease as soon as we arrived in her house and she really treats you like family. Her advice and everything she went through in the first session is amazing. Thoroughly recommend her. She's just amazing.....


I was so unhappy and worried about my future but working with Katharine just changed everything. I felt ok about having to have IVF (my fallopian tubes were damaged) as she explained the positives. I completed her whole fertility plan and felt calm and ready for treatment. She focused on my PCOS and we worked on this using holistic approaches. The clinic were amazed by my results as I got 8 eggs fertilized. I now have a baby girl called Bonny and she's perfect. I have seven frozen for the future.


Katharine helped me move from a grief-stricken state after a tragic loss to a confident & well-informed mama-to-be, naturally! At my age, 44, that’s quite the miraculous feat! I’m forever grateful for all the deep inner work, functional practical tips & round-the-clock guidance that led to my ultimate outcome! The knowledge Katharine holds is a true gift. All I can say is, thank you for making my dreams come true! 🙏

Kelly Popham

My husband and I spent a day with Katherine on her fertility day retreat and it was such an informative day. It was great to have the space to talk through our fertility issues and have someone give input into what we can change to help. I would highly recommend Mamabe if you are struggling with fertility.

Zoe Jay

Absolutely lovely lady with a caring heart. On same wavelength as me ie positive and looks at things holistically. Also she gave me reflexology. Ive had horrendous pelvic pain for 2 years but since that reflexology Ive felt so much better.


Katherine's chatty and intelligent style put us at ease as she advised how we could improve our excercise, diet and daily routine. Her wealth of knowledge in fertility with reflexology and meditation helped to give us both calmness and energy. We conceived, therefore we'd advise, if your looking for a lift, look her up, at Mama Be.

Victoria Groom

Katharine’s success rate speaks for itself! As does her own personal story of getting pregnant in her 40s. I did the same, thanks to her holistic expertise, and now have 2 children age 4 and 6. I would not have known where to start shifting the foundations of my health to create conditions for fertility without Katharine’s help.

Ela Buda

Myself and my husband did the 5 hours Kick Start fertility day with Kathryn. I can honestly say it was such an eye opener. After 5 years of trying, miscarriage and failed IVF we both felt really lost and could not see a way out. After that one day with Kathryn, we left feeling full of hope again and we now know there is still so much we can do on our journey to healthy pregnancy. She was able to help us shift our thinking to a much more positive space. She gave us the tools to make lifestyle changes that I know will help us conceive. Thank you Kathryn!

Lorraine Fraser

I was introduced to the beautiful Katherine after 3 rounds of unsuccessful IVF I was about to give up on my journey to motherhood when a dear friend reached out to me with her beautiful story of how she had her two children naturally with the help of Mama Be (Katherine) I was unsure at first as had spent so much money on IVF but my friends story & Katherine work inspired me so I booked in.

I felt heard & held & was given so much emotional support & the tools to help ease my emotions too it was the best investment I have ever made in myself it changed my life & transformed me as a person I feel more energised, upbeat & my body is certainly more fertile friendly then it ever has been before.
I have cut out caffeine,tea,,alcohol, without any effort with the support & guidance from Katherine. I have learnt so much about supplements & nutrition & never felt happier and healthier.

I was concerned at first that I wouldn't have time to make any of the tweaks as i work such long hours but her programme is set up so all these tweaks can be made easily without much effort at all. Fertility isn't necessarily about losing weight but it is about cutting out processed foods & eating the right fertility foods so in turn I have lost weight & feel amazing with a whealth of energy too.

Last but not least I have to mention Katherines magic touch! Her reflexology! What she does with your feet is out of this world without a doubt I would always leave feeling calm and relaxed.

I believe you find people at the right time in your life to help guide & support you in your journey at that time.I was guided to Katherine & would now call her a friend as she is always checking in to see how we are doing & giving her personal touch.

Mama Be programme is unique and personal like no other & I feel so blessed to have worked with Katherine & be fertile ready to go on & have my happy healthy baby.
Feeling immensely blessed & cannot thankyou enough. x❤x


My husband and I first met Katharine at her stand at The Fertility Show in London. It was a blessing in disguise as we had gone looking for the acupuncturist – who was located at the stand next to Katharine – but he/she had already packed up so instead we got talking to Katharine. I was very anxious that day and Katharine made me feel so much at ease within a few minutes of talking to her. She was so determined and committed to helping us. We took a leap of faith and decided to start a programme with Katharine almost immediately and our journey so far has been very rewarding.

We see Katharine every few weeks and usually spend about 2 hours with her where we discuss our well-being and how we can further improve anything in order to achieve our end-goal – a healthy mummy-to-be and a healthy baby! We then get pampered with her reflexology treatment which is unbelievably relaxing – we both nearly fall asleep at every session! Katharine then explains anything she has found and gives us tips on how to address it. She also always offers us very yummy healthy snacks and teas.

Katharine is very knowledgeable in her field.  I have learnt so much about supplements and nutrition and general health and well-being. Having followed her guidance I feel much happier and healthier and more over confident that I am on the right path to have my healthy baby.

Thank you Katherine for the valuable programme and for your continued support!

Maggie Luuka

My husband and I signed up for the 3-month programme with MamaBe in order to increase our chances of fertility naturally. Not only did we thoroughly enjoy our sessions with Katharine, we also learned valuable knowledge in terms of fertility, supplementation, nutrition and intimacy.

Katharine has a wide range of knowledge about fertility as a whole and freely shared it all with us throughout our programme.

As a woman, I found her very caring and nurturing, and felt that she truly wants us to have a baby. In all her sessions, there was a stamp of her heart on it, making the content all about increasing our rate of fertility.

She was open for questions and confidently and professionally answered even most delicate queries. I felt at ease to discuss any part of the fertility with her. I also found that she was very considerate of my husband and his way of seeing things. He said that he felt comfortable in the sessions with Katharine, and felt more informed and reassured about fertility and baby making as a whole.

Thank you, Katherine, for the valuable programme, and thank you for your continued support! Your job helps to bring these little bundles of joys to the world - to the families that really want them, and can’t wait to share all their love with them! Keep helping families like us - there are very few people doing what you do! I believe the demand well outweighs the supply! ☀️🧡

Adam Galbraith

I was hesitant about this route at first, but Kathy put us as ease straight away. Her reflexology and lifestyle coaching really helped ease our anxieties and took away the pressures of making “it” happen. Implementing her skills and techniques on a daily basis, 2 months later.... thank you x

Karina Caswell

I've known Katherine for a long time and she is absolutely AMAZING. Super knowledgeable and just a massive help to anyone struggling with fertility.

Joanne Robinson

Natural fertility specialist, Katharine Gailard, has a unique set of skills to support couples on their journeys to become parents. I have known Katharine, professionally and personally, for 25 years and it is her genuine passion to help women fall pregnant that shines through at all times. Katharine delivers her bespoke MamaBe programmes with exceptional care and sensitivity with a deep understanding of physical and emotional issues hindering natural conception.

Jo M

Great session yesterday with Katharine, brilliant reflexology I felt so balanced and relaxed afterwards.
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