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Natural Fertility 

 Your best decision  

"It's so unfair, this should be me. Why am I not getting pregnant?"

As you watch other women fall pregnant easily, you feel in pain and frustration. Your VISION of creating your family was beautiful and just never included tests, doctors and  IVF. Or years of waiting. You keep asking... "What's wrong with me I've tried everything? I feel I'm doing something wrong."


You have a blueprint for health and conception inside you that you need to unlock. IF you want to change something important, you take control and you're prepared to do EVERYTHING right? Now it's time to finally take the path you need; the REAL path to create your own natural, healthy pregnancy. And how do we do this? Together.


I invite couples to join me in a 360 journey to your natural fertile health. Right now you're thinking that's not going to help. Trust me couple's always think that. Especially, when they are worn from the disappointments, treatments, ttc and monthly cycle of upset and more...


So if this site reaches your heart, feels true and you can HEAR it through the rubbish that is 'marketed' to you, then get booked up and do it now before your head sets you off into a negative spiral!


Regardless of how hopeless and infertile you believe (or have been told) you are... REACH OUT.

I’ve been where you are but at 44, following the Mama Be Fertility Plan (based on scientific and medical research), I fell pregnant with my son after just three months. Read "My Story" in the blog.

If you don’t want IVF or have failed IVF treatment, or been denied access and need an alternative, this is the right place for you. 

People say “but natural fertility doesn’t work, does it?” 

As an expert in natural fertility, my clients understand the opposite is TRUE. The truth is a 100% approach, 

get great results.

The signature course has a 71% success is The Natural Fertility Treatment Plan and it is a unique and wonderful experience, done in person with four couples per month.


It is for all types of infertility unexplained, poor hormone tests, low AMH, failed IVF, PCOS, endometriosis, poor sperm results, secondary infertility, over 40, BMI high, recurrent miscarriages, no periods and symptoms of perimenopause.

Start the plan in person or online.


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How is this structured? 

1-2-1 personal consultation 
Available online or in person

Personal Conception Action Plan

The Mama Be Action Pan works out your 'why' and creates the ultimate fertile lifestyle for you, looking at nutrition, supplementation, exercise, sex, energy, chemical footprint, detoxification, ovulation, stress, work, physical environment and much more.  

Physical Treatment Plan 

(only for in person treatment)


Emotional Coaching Plan 

Emotional coaching, EFT, mind-body techniques 

Here’s a look at some of the benefits: 

- Improves egg and sperm quality

- Hormones balance

- Corrects ovulation timing 

- Removes barriers to conception physical and emotional

- Brings emotional strength, balance and calm 

- Restores intimacy with your partner 

- Cleanses your negative thought patterns  

- Discovery of the facts about your body

- A refreshing confidence about your future 


Why does this plan work so well? 

- Over 15 years of experience treating fertility issues 

- Highly effective tools & techniques 

- Training, research and collaboration with respected integrate medics d & holistic experts in their field 

- Sessions are enjoyable, easy to follow and sensitive 

Please note: This plan is only available to couples who are assessed by me as suitable for treatment and have potential to proceed to conception. The plan usually focuses on the woman, unless the male partner’s sperm results are poor. If this is the case, he will be included in the treatment plan. 


A Mama Be promise to all her clients is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with your service, so absolutely risk-free. These are truly inspirational courses and treatments. You will I am certain enjoy the journey to the fertile you, which is there to be discovered.


Katharine Gailard

Telephone: +44 (0)1628 487853

+44(0)7747 630119

Marlow SL7, UK

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