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Her story

Updated: Apr 11

“Katharine deeply cares about a new era for natural fertility treatments and part of her vision is Flourish, the original fertility essence for your journey” Women finally have a scent that they can safely wear during TTC (trying to conceive) and through IVF treatment to avoid hormone disruption.

As in all stories there is a fair few unexpected twists! Once upon a time… I was a successful marketing professional. However, my world was turned upside down when I fell ill. Desperate for a way to heal, I turned to complementary therapies and found an incredible woman who opened my eyes to the power of treatments. This experience was so transformative, that I decided to become a highly specialised reflexologist myself. Women with fertility problems came to me seeking help, and I was determined to find a way to make a difference. I was frustrated how quickly their options were oral hormone treatment or assisted reproduction referrals. Thus began a body of research that would eventually become the Mama Be, a 12 Week Pregnancy Plan that helps women naturally restore their innate fertility.

Training became a way of life for me, and I delved into many areas of expertise. My passion for my work never waned, and the joy of seeing my clients succeed was pure magic. It's been almost 20 years since Mama Be was born, but it still continues to develop and inspire me.I get results with sheer determination and the transformation I instill in my clients is absolutely of the purest kind.

However, life has a way of throwing curve-balls, and I became ill again recently. This time, I knew I had to use my mindset and skills to restore myself.

As a single mother at this point, I needed a way to always look after my son. Serendipity led me to design Flourish, a healthy perfume designed especially for women with fertility challenges. My vision was for it to be a healthy perfume -an "affirmation to your senses" and a "whisper to your fertility tribe."; Together with an incredible perfumier, we blended the purest essential oils to create a multi-layered fragrance that uplifts, inspires, and aids in wellbeing without harmful chemicals.It was so needed by women everywhere.

The planting ingredients are blended to bring women so many gifts in its fragrance for her heart, head, and womb.It’s multi layers of the purest essences, enables women to fill uplift positivity and not have her body sprayed with harmful chemical perfumes. I’m hoping that you love Flourish and it will bring joy to many as it uplifts and aids you on your journey back to your natural fertile health and wellbeing.

I didn’t realise the project would in a way heal me in the process! Now I’m back to treating and coaching clients for baby-making without IVF.

It is funny, all this time I've never really trusted the medical routes and I've always chosen my own way in a very determined manner to restore health. Today, I bring you Flourish but I want you to hear my words… sometimes our life are challenges end up taking us to extraordinary places. Without Mama Be, I never would have had my beautiful son at 44. I followed my own programme and today he's thriving. Today I share Mama Be with the world to see other couples go and have miracle babies, when they've been told “nothing will work”.

Mama Be and Flourish are my heart's work, and I hope they bring joy and positivity to others on their own journeys. I've learned that challenges only become obstacles when we give in to them. With sheer determination and passion, we can achieve extraordinary things.

In the end, my story is one of hope, resilience, and determination. It's proof that sometimes life's challenges can take us to extraordinary places. So, I encourage you to face your obstacles head-on and never give up on your dreams. Remember, there's always a way forward, and with passion and heart, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Thank you for listening to my story today. I send you love and courage for your future.

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