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How does Covid 19 affect my fertility?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Reading this will I am sure send many into panic. I am here to help. You can still make healthy progress towards your goal of pregnancy during this most difficult time. Trying to find positives from this global situation is all we can do. So here is my list: - you can rest - you can get proper amounts of daylight - you can reduce your stress levels - you can take time to prepare great food - you can rest connect with your partner - you can decluttering your home - you can work on healing - you can exercise and meditate at home - you can be YOURSELF and be calm If you want to MAKE THIS an amazing time for your natural fertility, the Mama Be home well being video course is now discounted by 50% and you will feel so inspired and focused on your previous conception health... no time wasted... instead of just focused on losing time. I hope this reaches some of you and gives you a wonderful new direction with your infertility struggles. Order page Here is the official announcement from the British Fertility Society: COVID-19 Statement from British Fertility Society and Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists Whilst there is much uncertainty around the progress of COVID-19 in the UK, the advice for pregnant women is the same as for the general public. There do not appear to be extra precautions required. Our priority as fertility professionals must be to keep patients, their gametes and embryos and staff safe – following national and local guidance. As these change we need to ensure that we respond appropriately including decisions around completing or cancelling current fertility treatment, not starting new treatments, considering follow-up arrangements and changing face-to face consultations to phone or video calls. There should be ongoing dialogue with patients and regard to their choices. Staffing pressures and resources including the availability of consumables and drugs may limit ongoing work. Acknowledging the potential impact of our treatments on NHS services which will be stretched in coming months means it is important to take measures to avoid hospital admission for our patients. #fertility #ivf #fertilitytreatment

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