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HR supporting infertility in the workplace

Updated: Apr 1

Unlock the potential of your workforce with Mama Be Natural Fertility Specialists. As infertility rates rise to 1 in 3, the impact on your business's time and emotions is undeniable.

Discover a revolutionary approach through our video-based fertile lifestyle courses, empowering your employees emotionally and increasing their chances of conception without the need for stressful medical treatments like IVF.

Mama Be's 12-week natural Fertility course, guided by Katharine Gailard, offers a transformative experience. Unlike the low success rates and high stress associated with IVF, our program focuses on everyday thriving. Employees emerge resilient, able to manage work demands while enhancing their reproductive health.

Accessible online, our courses allow flexibility for your team, with additional hourly support available for senior members requiring extra assistance. By investing in Mama Be, your company not only reduces time away from work but also fosters a happier, healthier workforce.

Take this exciting opportunity to redefine your approach to employee well-being. Visit [website] for insights into our 12-week pregnancy video-based course. Elevate your company culture, support your team's fertility journey, and witness them thrive. #HR #EmployeeWellbeing #FertilityTreatment #WellnessAtWork #WorkplaceWellness #EmployeeBenefits

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