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Infertile | struggling | alone

Feel like giving up? Only to feel worse at even the prospect! This is the battle so many women face today with unexplained infertility.

Often when a journey starts with me there is a fresh new kick start to a couples fertility and they feel good. But when a woman comes who feels she has tried everything and is not making any progress... she feels like giving up. It's natural right? But how do I best serve this beautiful soul before me?

Do I comfort her, try and fill her with hope and give her more to do? No, I allow her inner knowing and her inner warrior come to the full. Is it still there? Yes of course it is but only often another woman can pull you through these desperate moments of failure and loss.

My client yesterday was in this place and her innate desire for a second child is so powerful, nobody has the right to go into agreement with the 'mind' and agree ..."it won't happen, give up".

If your soul has this depth of desire for a child then one never can truly give up but having your tribe of women to support you is key. I know she 'thinks' she has done everything but there is always more to explore. New fresh ideas and new perspectives on health and fertility. Her mind is at 'play' when negativity takes hold and to see through it and remind a women of her 'warrior" spirit has a profound affect.

The only way to still your mind on these matters is to have positive creative energy/plans/projects and other desires on the go at the same time as facing fertility issues. It must not seep into your every thought and if it has please reach out NOW for support/help/guidance. We as modern day women were never taught how to look after our fertility and see it blossom into our miracle baby, and there is SO MUCH to know.

She has a new approach for her mind today, which is allowing. YOU are a woman who is capable of having a child and all the time you have sex, you are allowing. Her soul wanted so much more today that was about HER; her growth, free time, learning, exercising and music. She is basically in a phase of huge EXPANSION and she needs to breathe in all of life and its experiences and BREATHE in the wonderful way I showed her.

Trusting my track record I am sure she will be pregnant soon. AND if these issues are hurting you right now them please find your warrior and reach out to me somehow!

Free meditation for everyone struggling: email

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