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Is IVF my only option?

Updated: Apr 11

For so many women the monthly cycle of hope and despair is so hard and the failure to become pregnant leads to a spiral of negative thoughts, relationship problems and emotional issues. It’s a fact that today’s stressful lifestyle can affect fertility for many couples. 1 in 6 couples struggle to fall pregnant and this statistic is predicted to fall to 1 in 3.

Women that are struggling with fertility can easily be drawn into a negative thought process that only increases stress. It probably sounds something like this … “What’s wrong with me… I feel so anxious as I can’t control this situation… I feel worthless… I just want a baby… I feel so depressed… my partner is great but he doesn’t understand… I’m stressed… he’s stressed… we have less sex now… less sex means less chance of getting pregnant…”

When we find ourselves in this lonely place of self-blame and loss of control we can feel we have no choice but to help ourselves by seeking out immediate medical solutions such as IVF, Oral hormone treatment etc. This can actually lead to more stress as you are tested and confirmed as being usually subfertile. What an awful medical term. The term unexplained infertility seems to also cause great stress - although to my ears that is good news as it confirms the couple I'm treating are going to be a straightforward case usually. Mama Be is designed to prepare and support you through to the best possible conception outcome. If IVF or other assisted methods are chosen then that is your choice. Be aware before  embarking on IVF there are some major factors to consider as it is not by ANY means easy, extremely stressful, expensive and leads to high expectations.

Fact: IVF does not change the quality of the 'raw materials' required for conception, i.e. the egg and sperm. The truth is that you need to prepare your eggs and sperm in a very specific way naturally, then try for a baby.

Fact: Stress affects fertility. The follicular fluid surrounding the egg is predominantly antioxidants that allow it to develop and mature. Stress uses up resources of antioxidants very quickly and this is the time to build emotional strength.

Fact: No IVF is not your only option, not even the most successful. Rates vary clinic-to-clinic and between conditions and ages. It is the only route however, that doctors are allowed to refer to. I've treated women and men given a 3% chance at IVF. It failed of course but parents to happy health children once they worked with me.

So how to stop this cycle, restore calm and enhance fertility:

~Gain perspective and set your goal as achievable steps

~Uncover the truth about why your struggling

~Approach the issue from self-blame to a simple health challenge

~Create a new energy focus and get the mind/body innate intelligence to start creating

~Remove the painful emotion that you hold through laser coaching

~Restore emotional peace of mind with a clear, easy, proper action plan

~Heal underlying health issues

~Replace negativity with positivity and visualisation techniques

~Use mind/body techniques to tap into subconscious belief patterns

~Use hypnotherapy for pre-conception to remove subconscious barriers

~Perfectly prepare you and your partner’s body through the nine pillars of fertility

~Re-ignite your femininity and restore close connection that couples lose in the struggle


Conception is a complex miracle … every woman is different - her lifestyle, her thoughts, her food, her hormones, what she drinks, her environment, her fitness and health, her metabolism, her toxicity. Add to this complicated mix your partner, he is also totally unique too. No one solution, no adhoc treatment, no one drug is going to produce perfect fertility. It is about treating each person individually and taking the couple through a very comprehensive 360 approach programme. This is Mama Be.

Mama Be gives you an alternative…

Choosing the Mama Be Fertility Intensive Plan gives women their own personal fertility coach. The plan (taken online or in person) is for women who value themselves and can say yes to really creating what they want in their lives. Mama Be works intensively with only

a very small number of women each month, men too if sperm are the issue. 

If you want to feel like you again, start enjoying life again, stop the roller-coaster of upset and maximise chances of your pregnancy, then book an initial complimentary 30 minute consultation. A Mama Be specialised personal action plan, is healthy, fabulously enjoyable, inexpensive and highly successful.

Connect: Tel: 01628 487853

Mobile: 07747 630119

Social @mamabefertility

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