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Overcoming Infertility: Keeping the Romance Alive on Valentine's Day

Updated: Apr 1

Don't let infertility ruin your Valentine's Day. Let's think about how to protect your romance and intimacy and plan for a beautiful loving time full of connection and fun. Many clients come to me with a real feeling of being lonely and disconnected in their relationships. This is very normal but it doesn't have to be.

If you're in this place and Valentine's Day is off the agenda, then reach out for my intimacy restoration session.

Tips And Tricks To Start The Love Flowing

  • Look after your personal feminine energy

  • Be 100% responsible for being sexy for you, to feel great on the inside and out. Radiate once more with your own special vibe. Wear something you love and feel great in and get a mini pamper sorted.

  • Praise your partner for something great about them each day

  • Dream your perfect Valentine's celebration... share it or take the led and make it happen, plan it and trust your intuition.

  • Give your bedroom a declutter and fresh look and feel. Create a space that is a haven. Use sensual tones/ fabrics/ and accessories to make it feel warm and inviting...

  • Use ylang ylang aromatherapy oil in your diffuser as a wonderful aphrodisiac.

  • Clear your diary for some me time to de-stress

  • Allow yourself a glass or two of a nice wine to celebrate

  • Leave to to do list alone and just be

  • Deeply feel gratitude for your partner - some don't have a great other half in their lives

  • Imagine sharing love all day long - share love with all those in your - even the old lady down the road that hasn't had a fresh red rose for decades... feel good and share love and you're sure to receive it back.

I hope these tips for a gorgeous Valentine's Day help and the more excited you can get about it the better. If you need more help please reach out.

Treat yourself to a bottle of my divinely sexy Flourish Eau de Parfum on offer at £99 ... if you haven't smelt it, it's like an enticing comfort blanket of sensuality, plus it is clean and not harmful to your hormone balance.

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