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PAPA BE Male Sperm Preparation

Okay so let's celebrate the masculine! It is well known that men hate testing for sperm and they are of course all super hero in nature.

But they don't want to hear that approximately 60% of infertility issues are due to our male partners. As a specialist in natural fertility here are my pointers for healthy fertility and conception.

Get the test - you wouldn't buy a new car without finding out the FACTS. Whether you go to a specialist clinic or your doctors, get in booked today. If you have been trying for a while - get it done. 

If the results are bad - don't panic. Sperm results change almost daily and over time can be corrected. If they are 'normal' results - you need to get turbo charged ideally and make some changes with me that will get you 'supersperm' a medical reference, not my own!

If you're sperm isn't thriving, then you're health is not thriving typically. Creating great couples who have great sperm and eggs is my job and has been since 2007. Don't become a static - GO FERTILE! 

My PAPA BE course is the way to transform sperm into great, healthy baby-makers.

If you are experiencing issues due to infertility please contact me on:

Katharine Gailard

Natural Fertility Specialist

Speaker & Exhibitor The Fertility Show Olympia

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