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Struggling to become a father?

Sometimes I work with women who fully believe it is their fertility which needs healing. This particular lady has transformed her energy, wellness and happiness and is like a new women. Her treatments tell me that her fertility is now absolutely thriving. For a while I had a strong feeling it was her partner who needed intensive treatment. Men often don't want sperm tests and find the results very hard to process. BUT today finally they came with the results. The test wasn't good, however, we covered his test and spent invaluable time trying to work our what he still needed to tackle to improve his sperm. He has been doing much of what I need for him to do for a while so we restored confidence that in fact we were probably at a 60% way through his journey to conceive. Test results can change every day so please try and stay calm and see the test as a tool to direct you to the right help. Basically, look at it this way if your sperm are not thriving, then you are not thriving. Whether than is down to simple issues like heated car seats or a more complex picture, sperm can heal and very quickly. I allow a 12 week period with treatment before trying for a HEALTHY conception. Let's not forget that almost 60% of infertility cases are due to sperm issues. Here is what my client went home with as some of his homework and shows the scope of investigation a proper health coach brings: - To review his supplementation levels

- Address his tiredness using several approaches

- Change his posture - you spine, particularly cervical spine is key for a holistic fertile body

- Change his muscle training - often the front of our bodies are much tighter and don't allow for the diagram and lungs to breathe fully, re-oxygenating your blood and special breathing techniques are key.

- Work with his doctor to ensure his thyroid is healthy I realised he was experiencing low heart rate and dizziness, so discussing his bradycardia symptoms with his doctor to raise any concerns for fertility. - Changing his memory foam mattress and to stop overheating and grounding his body to prevent damage for EMF energy.

We now have a new intensive plan in place for the next 12 weeks and I would hope for a Springtime conception for him and his beautiful woman. Papa Be is now a very established treatment plan in the UK and has altered the life of many many who believed they would never conceive and had not even been accepted for IVF. Fairly painless and extremely enjoyable way to become a papa! For a private consultation in confidence: Katharine Gailard, 07747 630119 Email:

UK Leading Healthcare Natural Fertility Specialist since 2007

Speaker & Exhibitor London Fertility Show

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