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What can you expect at the show

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

The Fertility Show, Olympia London 2019 will be on from 1 - 3 November and is a destination for thousands of couples who are wanting to prepare for conception or struggling to conceive.

As a speaker and exhibitor for many years, I know the show well. It is a collection of all the finest specialists in their field.

Be prepared before you come with the people you wish to see and what you want to gain from the show. It can be a very tense and heavy atmosphere as many are naturally in pain due to their fertility issues. Trust you instincts on this and see the people you feel drawn to. Husbands will definitely want to protect their partners from getting upset. Don't spend hours there collecting every brochure. Sit quietly and listen to your deepest feelings about what is your ideal and then come.

I often have to give out hugs at this event and it's a real pleasure to do so. Come by and visit me at H14 and see how I offer a rare but amazing alternative to IVF treatment.

Join me for a 90 minute Fertility Kick Starter just £90 at present and let me start you on the REAL journey to your baby.


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