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Having just watch Kathy Burke's Channel 4 documentary I feel inspired to write. What a brave woman. I felt so emotional watching her go through that choice of freezing here eggs. I totally get it. I too was a 38 year old professional with no ideal man and a head full of panic.

BUT I had total faith that I could keep my fertility healthy. It is a sign of health to be fertile. As a secondary system in your body it need very special care. I eventually found the man and fell pregnant at 44 within a couple of months of trying. This is because I teach couples and professional women how to keep fertile health into their 40s. It's a full day intensive fertility kick starter retreat, providing a Mama Be action plan to do exactly that. I have since 2010 worked on restoring fertility. At that time egg freezing wasn't really mainstream. Now sadly it is becoming promoted, acceptable and normal. Praying off the stress and fear that is induced by fertility media. I respect everyone's choices but feel compelled to speak out for women's health choices. #Gofertile is my way of keeping fertile. Connect if you need to talk.

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