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Hidden potential in new lock down

It's not good news for anyone but I'm finding some surprising results for couples on my online fertility program.

Let's be honest, none of us usually have long periods of time where almost all activity, typical demands and stresses have been reduced and staying home is fairly compulsory ...different challenges to be sure for some. BUT with ivf clinics having difficulties, it means home based natural fertility treatment plans become an obvious choice. The results are coming back so positive. Getting fertile naturally takes a clear process.

Now many couples have a real chance to give it the healthy focus they need to transform their natural egg and sperm health and fertile lifestyles. Here are some of my latest comments...

"Prior to getting to know you I would burst into tears easily or go into a depressive phase. But now due to the course, I believe my baby is out there and will come soon to me. I don’t know when, which sometimes I get impatient, but I talk to you and feel better)"

Testimonial ..."Initially when I started this online fertility program I kept wondering how will this program help if I am not in the same city as Katharine but with every passing week I felt more confident and comfortable. She somehow knows what you would be feeling at each stage of the program and shares the right content at the right time. After every video I feel more and more at ease in this journey and can’t thank Katharine enough for being there at every point helping me tackle with every issue patiently. Thanks Katharine 🙏"

Please don't wait until we get back to 'normal' whatever that will be. This moment in time is the perfect time to join and actually move towards a healthy pregnancy 💛

Complimentary consultation for all applicants register here:

For more details of the program:

Katharine Gailard

Mama Be Natural Fertility Specialist

Speaker & Exhibitor, The Fertility Show, Olympia London

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