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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Lovemaking for conception

Well okay we don't all look this wonderful in the nuddy! But loving and making the best of yourself with self love and care makes a BIG difference to your fertility. When you take simple steps to love yourself you are far more attractive to your partner but more importantly you feel great. You feel more like making love. For those of you not familiar with Brene Brown's Tedx talks on vulnerability, it's worth a watch on you tube. Not being perfect and showing vulnerability is ideal, your partner gets the true feeling you and this makes you more attractive to them. They simply can't resist loving you more. That wasn't what I intended to post but worthwhile as fertility is simple....a healthy body subjected to self love and if you need my help to show you exactly, join my 90 minute intensive healing session for just £90 as currently on offer. Now about those abs... 😂

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