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Katharine & baby Mandela... a beautiful story.

I am here to tell you my story. Why? To give you belief that it is possible for you to nourish and heal your fertility naturally.

I met my partner at 43 and we both wanted a family. Most would say "Oh you've left it too late! Unlikely to fall pregnant at your age! It wouldn't be sensible ...too many risks"...and so on. A field of negativity. Even he doubted it!

But I never did.

Why? Because over the past 12 years, I had researched and developed a Nine Pillar plan for getting pregnant. Today it is known as 'Mama Be' and today I have more confidence in it than ever.

I was my own testimony. At 44 I fell pregnant within two cycles. I had suffered from endometriosis and had surgery, experienced symptoms of PCOS and hormone imbalances, enjoyed too many parties and too many glasses of wine. Smoked a little! Not to speak of the stressful corporate life I had led and the fact that I had searched long and hard for the 'right' man. My Mum confesses she had totally given up on me!

It is a miracle? Yes any pregnancy is - but when you know Mama Be and work with me, you too will take control over your fertility. You are not taught how to look after your fertility and keep it in fabulous shape or how to prepare for pregnancy - I will teach you.

Anyway, I went on to have the most amazing healthy pregnancy and our son Mandela was born, weighing 9lb 2oz and he continues to flourish in every way. I want my story to inspire all women - whether you are 20, 30 40 plus - trying to conceive naturally or through IVF - Mama Be fertility and miscarriage plans are designed around you and provide a beautiful journey with a clear action plans, physical treatments, mind-body work and emotional coaching to regain your equilibrium. Too quick is the journey between doctor and IVF consultant. Breathe a moment, give yourself time to consider how has my body gone so far off track. Healing your body really isn't so difficult and the health your new baby would enjoy, would be far superior. All couples really should embark on a 12 week pre-conception plan and no I don't mean taking just mainstream pregnancy vitamins.

I have so many incredible success stories to share as each couple I treat have a unique fertility journey. I'm totally dedicated to supporting women and men through their journey to parenthood - whatever that takes. My work is my passion and having seen the results of my work, I have every confidence in Mama Be and Papa Be and my miscarriage plans. 

My plan took over 12 years to develop and it represents a '360 approach' to everything couples need to conceive naturally. But more than that it supports the relationship torn apart by the stress of fertility issues and makes the journey to getting pregnant beautiful again and with clear easy steps and continual support.

I work in a totally comprehensive, research-based way and use my Nine Pillar action plan to restore fertility - both male and female. I’m a qualified emotional coach and experienced in restoring emotional balance. I'm also trained as a specialist reflexologist, which is a powerful treatment tool for restoring hormonal balance and fertility.

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