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How I succeeded with fertility treatment when IVF had failed

"I came to see Katharine when I was looking to have a second child after what had been a challenging first pregnancy.  And, by this point I was a little older.

From the outset I knew I had a good connection with Katharine and I felt quite inspired by her.  I was a little nervous because she challenged me and my typically conservative approaches to things and really opened my mind to new ideas, concepts and awareness of our bodies.

Through the entire process Katharine was so incredibly supportive, insightful, helpful and generous with her time.  She was always available for messages or calls outside of hours and on a few occasions I really needed those and it was massively appreciated.

Katharine helped me with a number of challenges I was facing and I am overjoyed to say we conceived our second child at 41.

I will always be grateful to Katharine for her help with my second child and also for many other emotions and concerns she helped me with and for opening my mind too."

Thank you again Katharine.

Marlow Resident.

To book a highly confidential initial complimentary consult with Katharine Gailard, Natural Fertility Treatment Specialist, simply select a date and time from the link below.

It's the call that will turn everything around for you.

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