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Looking for Alternative Fertility Treatments? Check Out These 3 New Pregnancy Announcements!

Updated: Jun 27

My clients each had their own challenges and their stories are now history. Many woman, as you'll understand have been through so very much and spent many years in total anguish. Let's not focus on that here. All clients have a complicated and unique set of issues presenting to me in the clinic. The good news is we can with your miracle body work through all of them... together! The beautiful, brave women I talk about today, had tried everything and suffered. They were mainly out of options and emotional pain seemed to be their destiny. To be strong alone is sometimes foolish as we need to connect and be open to hearing new ways... alternatives to the norm.

Anne started with me in July and was incredibly successful but her anxiety was understandably high given her profession. We embarked on a new journey to her baby number two. She was so tense and uncertain, with no self confidence in her ability to fall pregnant again given her age of 41. She flourished on the 12 week plan, taken at a relaxed pace that was perfect for her. Her husband was supportive but didn't want physical treatment, which lead her to feel more pressure.

Every client I take on I try to get to commit to the full 12 week plan as I absolutely know around session 5 or 6.... there will be a moment of refresh despair. This is normal and sure enough she was fully supported, and to her total disbelief she is pregnant. She had faith but we falter now and then and she would ring occasionally scared she was too old and it would never happen. She has that inner yearning that only a mama to be has in her soul and it offers such devotion to bringing that new life.

If you are lost simply do what Anne did and spend some time speaking with me so we can turn everything around for you. Follow your instincts... Details of the other two pregnancies tomorrow.

Complimentary Consultation is available to you on my website. Other testimonials on @mamabefertility and rated 5 STAR on all Google Reviews

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