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Ignite your fertility!

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

It's a fact, most couples trying to conceive will let's be honest lose their 'sparkle' in bed. This is not something that either of you should feel bad about or get angry about. This is part of my course and when I talk about passion, the couple begin to turn this situation around.  YOU can too! Firstly, stop creating pressure on timing ttc with ovulation. Sperm 'delivered' prior to ovulation are designed to survive and wait for the egg for five days. So ttc before your ovulation.

Secondly, both of you must be responsible for igniting your OWN sensuality/sexuality. What makes you feel sensual? Make a list. Do that each day and start to see the connection and passion for each other reignite.

Try it for 7 days...ideas: go crazy for that hot book, red undies, pampers, Chinese balls ...whatever it takes. Good, passionate ttc makes a big difference to conception. Lovemaking floods your body with our wonder hormone oxytocin ❤💕

Join me now for a Kick Starter Fertility session, in person or online and let's get your sparkle back. On offer at present for £90 for 90minutes. I will be offering advice and treatment. Sign up emailing

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